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One should wander in a distant place in youth

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In my sight, during all one's life, if there is something unregretable and unashamed, that should be playing happily in childhood, wandering in a distant place in youth and enjoying an unforgettable memory in age.

In the winter holiday, my son sent an e-mail to me, saying that he would drive from the north where he was to the south. He also drew a route map on which there were 11 states he would cross. Just on the third day since his setting out, he called me in Austin, capital of Texas, telling me excitedly that there was a museum for O. Henry, who wrote the Last Ivy Leaf. When going through Memphis, he paid his respects to the former residence of the Hillbilly Cat, a famous rock and roll star.

I admired him with support. One should wander in a distant place in youth. He would learn what he had never experienced before duiring his wandering, which would lead his life to a wider and further boundary just like waters.

It occurred to me that in early spring one year, I was waiting for the train alone in West-Berlin Railway Station. There were only a few people waiting there, among which someone seemed to be Chinese. I went on and asked him for it, and surely enough he was a Chinese who's waiting for someone. In our chat, I learned that he graduated from Tianjin University and was now a student here learning electronics. More than ten years have passed since then, but his words still remain fresh in my mind ,"Just at my arrival in Berlin, there were only ten dollars left in my pocket."With the mere ten dollars, still, he had the courage to make his living abroad. I supposed that he had paid a price for it.Away from all his kin, he endured hardships abroad. It was his destiny to wander, which also became his disposition.

It also reminded me of myself. When I was younger than my son, I drove north to the Great Northern Wilderness. Of course, I suffered a lot.I was dealt with a head-on blow by the snowstorms. It was very cold there and the ground is frozen. I was far away from home and my heart lost in the way, as if it had flew far away. My wandering heart seemed to be a kite with a broken string, not knowing where it will fall. In spite of this, I got in touch with many old friends and established fine friendships, as well as so much pain and cruelty. All this composed the course in my youth, which also became my unforgettable memory today. Yes, only if one didn't behave himself and had an exaggerated opinion of himself, who considered it is perfect far away,could he go out to wander.Wandering is not to traval, it is sure that one would pay a price and undergo other kind of life, which was definitely not drinking coffee in warm Starbucks in winter.But, it is only when one is young could he go wandering, which needs courage, physical strength and imagination in youth. For all of this, one will be rewarded with gains only in his youth and memories when he is old.

During all one's life, in my sight, if there is something unregretable and unashamed, that should be playing happily in childhood, wandering in a distant place in youth and an unforgettable memory in age.

Youth should be dandelions in the spring. Though dandelions are weak and small with no wings, they still struggle to fly to a distant place in the aid of wind. Maybe they will fall at somewhere you don't know, but, still, they are eager to hew out their way for a virgin land. In this way, you know that the world is not a nice glass-made house, and you will not only see any wall made by heart. You will also know that life is not only made up of endless traffic jams at day-time and TV plays at night.

I remembered some verses in the Crescent Moon by Tagore:"As long as he agree to lend his ship to me, I will assemble 100 oars on it with 5,6 or 7 sails raising. Abusolutely, I will never pilot it to the absurd market……I will keep company with my friend Asy.We'll sail in celestial world with 7 oceans and 13 rivers. I will make sail in early sunshine. In the noon, when you are bathing in a pool, we will be on the land of a strange king."

Now, let yourself be in exile. You can borrow someone else's ship for a long voyage only not to sail to the absurd market.Only go wandering in a distant place in youth could one gain such experience like fairy-tale in Tagore's poet. Tagore is writting verses in his heart, and also you are engrave annual rings on your life.












摘要: 在过去的10年里,地下建筑在世界范围内的大城市里持续地稳定增加。造成这种情况的原因有很多。地表空间的缺乏和地表空间的昂贵是诸多原因中的一种。在希腊首都雅典,人口密度已经达到了8000人/平方公里,并且有限的空间中还充斥着极多的商业和工业场所。供需矛盾的日渐突出使得城市规划者尝试用各种办法来解决这个问题,这其中就包括地下空间的应用。最近,针对地下空间应用的实用性和可行性的调查已经在希腊展开,而这篇文章主要介绍的就是这项调查工程。地下储存仓库建设分为2个部分,第一是用矿山法修建地下空间,第二是在开发出的空间里修建出漂亮的,就像地面那样的储存仓库。虽然这两个部分有不同的特征,但是他们可以同时进行,并且第二步占用第一步所开发出来的空间。就像采矿一样,在地下空间开挖,有两个过程,先是钻孔,然后放炸药引爆。修建地下建筑大约需要两年时间。当它完成后,就能用做商业的储存结构了。

ABSTRACT Underground construction in metropolitan cities around the world has been steadily gaining ground during the last decades. This is due to a series of reasons, among them the lack of sufficient surface space and the increased cost of surface land. Athens, the capital of Greece, with a population density of 8,000 inhabitants/km2 and with the vast majority of the country’s commercial, industrial, and business activities gathered within its boundaries, is not an exception to these cities. One of the business sectors

  that suffer from the scarcity of surface space is that of warehousing and logistics. The demand for new storage facilities increases, whereas the capacity of surface areas to host them is already exceeded. Urban planners tend t

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